Posted by: Puma1 | November 21, 2008

Quote of the Day– Black Pastor: “Produce Your Birth Certificate Man! That’s All You Got to Do!!!”

Pastor Manning of New York is always a hoot. This week, he launches into one of his more classic anti-Obama screeds, questioning Obama’s citizenship:

“We don’t know where that man was born. Besides, with all these court cases – there’s a case in the Supreme Court, there’s a case filed in Philadelphia – now there’s cases in ten courts…There’s just too many court cases. There’s too many cases before the Supreme Court of the United States – cases all over America now. People are just saying show us your birth certificate. Listen Barack: if your birth certificate is what it is, what’s the big deal??? When the policeman stops me and asks me for my driver’s license, I don’t go into a long tirade about when I first started driving, and who my daddy was that taught me, and what kind of cars I drive. I just produce the doggone driver’s license! That’s all! That’s all! PRODUCE YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE, MAN! THAT’S ALL YOU GOT TO DO!!!

Watch the video, it’s classic:



  1. Pastor Manning said he would not relent in his pursuit to expose “Obama” for the fraud he is,and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude. He sounds crude and disrespetful, but he gives “Obama” the same respect that “Obama” gives to the American people. None at all!

  2. Obama is a fraud and the Libs. & Mainstream Media are in complete denial.

    Glad that Rev. Manning isn’t afraid to speak the truth

  3. You can help out Obama at:
    Obamacrimes Phil J. Berg Philadelphia
    He has noy shown any valid birth certificate

  4. Obama is the Mac Daddy of Misogyny. I’ll be proud to know he is not an American.

  5. You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

  6. One thing I agree with Rev Manning on is “Produce your birth certificate!” He is entertaining if nothing else.

  7. You gotta love Rev. Manning. He is relentless.

    BTW I hope your post stays up on RCP for some reason anyone who posts anything about Obama’s Birth Certificate lawsuits gets taken down.

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