Posted by: Puma1 | January 2, 2009

Dueling Leaks Muddle Caroline Drama, PUMA Unites Again To Block Her

There are competing leaks in the land of Camelot.

HRH Princess Caroline of Schlossberg‘s campaign to take over New York has taken a turn for the ugly. As she embarrasses herself and Democrats on a weekly basis just by talking, some star-struck early supporters have flipped on her. Her backers needed to change the prevailing wisdom that her planned coronation was dead in the water — and quick.

Thus, taking a page from the Obama book of media manipulation, Camp Kennedy spent much of the turn of the New Year pushing the inflated story that New York’s most powerful legislator Sheldon Silver — reportedly no fan of the Princess or her Republican patron Mayor Michael Bloomberg — has allegedly reneged on his opposition. Eager to help, as always, the fawning media jumped on the headline, screaming “Silver To Back Caroline,” or variants thereof.

Of course, the truth — like the devil — is in the details. Silver actually pledged to back Caroline IF and only if the governor appoints her; and why wouldn’t he, as he is blind-faithful elected Democratic official? This, of course, did not stop the slavish media from trying to spin Silver’s lukewarm and no-doubt pressured act of nobless oblige as some kind of coup and/or earth-shattering endorsement.

Not to be outdone, opponents of HRH Princess Caroline of Schlossberg’s coronatioquietly spread wordthat rather than fill the seat with a person expected to eventually hold it in the crucible of a real election, Gov. Paterson was considering instead the appointment of high-profile temporary caretakerperhaps even Mr. Hillary himself.

Not good for Princess Caroline.

This attempt to spoil her party has been effectively countered with more planted stories, more annoyingly presumptuous behavior, and more anonymous leaking from Camp Kennedy. One, which failed to catch on, saw unnamed aides claiming Paterson had no inclination to appoint a caretaker. The other, which the media has helpfully promoted, shows anonymous aides declaring that Paterson is “likely” to appoint the Princess.

Welcome to the world of spin doctoring.

As a matter of fact, no one knows to whom Paterson is leaning, as the governor’s office is still limply announcing to deaf media ears. No one knows how he will respond to Camp Kennedy’s attempts to box him in.

We do know how the Clintonistas and Hillary deadenders feel about HRH Princess Caroline of Schlossberg’s probable/inevitable/unlikely/hyped appointment to the Senate: they’re having none of it.

A fax campaign to Rep. Charles Rangel — a close friend and supporter of Hillary who also happens to have the governor’s ear — is underway, ostensibly informing him of the widespread opposition to to Caroline Kennedy’s Senate appointment bid at this critical moment in history:

Dear Concerned NY State Citizens & Others:

We ask you to join in an effort to ensure that Caroline Kennedy does not get selected as Sen. Clinton’s replacement for NY State.

After learning Rep. Charles Rangel is close to Gov. Paterson, we thought that this would be a great way of getting our message through to our Governor. We are not sure if any of our petitions or other correspondences are reaching Governor Paterson at this time.

We are aware that Congressman Rangel prefers faxes to e-mails; thus a fax campaign would be the best way to reach him.

You can contact Congressman Rangel here:

Fax: # 212-663-4277 / Phone: 212-663-3900
DC office: Fax #202-225-0816 / Phone # 202-225-4365

Feel free to use the following form letter add your own comments or create your own and fax it to Charles Rangel.  Send copies to your family & friends so that by Monday Jan. 5th 2009, his office will be flooded with faxes & phone messages when he returns.

Thank you in advance for your participation.
Dear Congressman Charles Rangel,

It has come to my understanding that you are a confidant to Governor Patterson.  I would like to request that you get this message to him as I am not sure that he is receiving any of the letters, faxes, or emails that are sent his way. This request has to do with my respectful resistance to the “possible” choice of Caroline Kennedy to replace Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jr.

I have nothing personally against Ms. Kennedy, but my concerns for our State and America are more important at this time. Whoever is ultimately selected for our State Senate position needs to meet the following criteria in my opinion:

# 1- The selectee must be qualified to be ready on day one. Senator Clinton has started a number of projects that her replacement might not be able to continue immediately.  It is imperative that her replacement be able to be ready immedi ately to take over Sen. Clinton’s jobs.  In March this year, Gov. Paterson’s ability to immediately take over in the Governor’s seat helped us to avoid a real disaster in NY State.

# 2- Senator Clinton deserves someone that supported her during her Presidential bid for office. Many of us have lost faith in the political process and what our role has been in it. Let’s not even get started on how the media behaved against her during the primaries.  There are many people in NY State and across the country that would appreciate having their voices heard. Sadly, the mess that is going on over in IL is not surprising to many of us.  We do not wish for NY to appear to be handling this position in the same manner.  Whoever gets this seat, should be ultimately qualified and seen as such.  Appointing anyone without the proper experience, such as Caroline Kennedy, would appear to be just a political favor.

# 3- It would be helpful to know that women do not lose another spot in their already low US Senate representation. There are many women in NY that meet the benchmarks previously listed. These include, but are not limited to the following:  Carolyn Maloney, Geraldine Ferarro, Yvette Clark, or Kirsten Gillbrand.  Appointing a qualified female to Sen. Clinton’s position would be a benefit not only for our state, but for our nation, as well.

In conclusion, please seriously consider this request. In this time of an “American Idol Generation”, it is gett ing harder and harder to explain that being a celebrity does not necessarily equate to being a good representative for the people.  Should Caroline Kennedy still wish to be a Senator for NY, she should wait and run for that position in two years.

Thank you for bringing my concerns to our Governor.


(sign name)

(print name)

My sentiments indeed.


  1. I KNEW it! That “Silver to back Caroline” just reaked of the Obama-camp-says-it-so-it-must-be-true leak.

    See also: “Hillary’s dropping out of the primary before (Pennsylvania/Montana/South Dakota).”

    Great blog! Will be stopping by frequently.

  2. THANK YOU!!!
    I hope it’s “OK” if I make Daily Puma aware you posted this so he can “link” people to it.
    We are also doing a “Phone & e-mail” out reach to Speaker Silver; to let him know how we feel.
    Albany # 518-455-3791
    NYC # 212-312-1420
    Thanks again

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