Posted by: Puma1 | January 3, 2009

Obama First, America Last

Obama’s monumental acts of ego continue, only this time it isn’t the infamous mythic Greek columns or his notoriously personalized Presidential seal. He’s further entrenching himself as a sorry imitation of the GPE by copying Lincoln’s train ride to Washington:

Mr. Obama himself reinforces this mystical illusion by deciding to travel to his Washington Inauguration from Illinois by train, emulating the journey that Abraham Lincoln took to take the oath of office in 1861, expecting huge crowds as he stops along the way to make speeches. Furthermore, he will use a Lincoln Bible for his swearing in.

via Washington Times – THOMASSON: Euphoria for how long?.

Great. Another wannabe B-actor turned President. Isn’t it wildly presumptuous, not to mention incredibly childish and absurd, that our next President is play-acting his way into office? Instead of playing pretend-Lincoln, shouldn’t he be, I don’t know, negotiating peace between Israel and Hamas?

But for Obama, it has never been about real accomplishment, rather about theatrics and illusion of accomplishment for his own self-aggrandizement. He is not interested in America, inasmuch as America can help him achieve his own personal goals and propel him towards individual greatness. It’s all about him, always about him.

In lockstep with him, his loyal subjects are outright contemptuous for America and the American way. They love Obama; they could care less about this country — and have admitted so themselves. And because they are madly, blindly in love with Obama, it doesn’t matter how many promises he has already broken, are breaking, and will surely continue to break — they will always make excuses for him, just as battered lovers do.

The Washington Times disagrees, believing that his broken promises will eventually lead to a modicum of disillusion, but still asserts:

On the other hand, there is one promise Mr. Obama can keep. He can bring a renewed spirit of optimism and faith to the national psychology. If the new young president manages to turn around our faltering belief in our own greatness, he will have accomplished enough to make his tenure in office a success.

This is wrong, of course, because his true believers have not, do not, will not believe in America’s greatness. They, like Obama, believe in Obama’s greatness: their current superficial “pride” in America is really just pride in Obama. And that will always be enough for the both of them, to the detriment of our democracy.


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