Posted by: Puma1 | January 8, 2009

More Obama Hypocrisy: One President at a Time on Israel, But Not on the Economy

Wither Obama on the exploding mess in the Middle East? On the drama that will shape up to be his administration’s first international foreign policy nightmare, Obama has been conspicuously silent. Does he not know he will be President of the United States — legitimately or not — in less than two weeks?

Should he not be out the in the forefront, making his views on the Israel-Hamas War Part XIX well known, so that our ally Israel knows where he stands? No, Obama says. He has so far refused to comment, wagging his finger at those who would rush him for silly little decisions:

Obama says, There’s one President at a time,” i.e., for Him to comment on such grave matters would be irresponsible because He has not taken the oath of office just yet.

Obama means, “There’s one President at a time when it comes to hard, contentious issues that might require me to take a stand that might upset people by revealing where I really stand.”

We know this because the “one President at a time rule” does not apply to the economic disaster, where not-yet-Prez Obama has been loud, proud, and happy to step all over the outgoing President’s territory. Now it’s a race speech dour economic address featuring more tax policy flip-flops, abandonment of sweeping change and rampant hopemongering and adoption of reality, vague doubspeak (yo, Bam, you can’t demand trillion dollar packages AND  pretend to be a deficit hawk in the same prepositional clause, bro) and pledges to further spend America into oblivion in such a way that will make  notorious budget busters Reagan and Dubya (did you know 70% of the national debt came under Republican rule?) look like Scrooges by comparison.

I’m not the first to notice this latest example of Obama doublespeak:

Obama almost wasn’t asked anything about Burris on Wednesday. One reporter barely tossed it up at the end, after others asked him about the war in the Gaza Strip (Obama still can’t comment about Gaza because he’s not yet president) and the economy (though he’s not president, you can’t stop the guy from commenting on that one).

via Obama serves Reid taste of Chicago Way —

We have already seen the effect a national Obama overdose has on the economy: he causes markets to tank as the well-heeled flee pending Reid-Pelosi-Obama wealth redistribution panorama. I would rather he honor his pledge to be quiet when it comes to economic affairs and allow the Prizefighter of Foggy Bottom, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to make his administration’s position on Israel crystal-ice clear.

That will not happen. What will happen is that Obama will continue to avoid responsibility for making tough decisions by shying away from any clear, strong, or remotely controversial stand. In his attempt to please everybody by being everything to everyone, he will end up doing nothing McCain wouldn’t have done, resulting in maintenance of the status quo and disappointment on his promise of change.


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