Posted by: Puma1 | January 15, 2009

Megan Carpentier Gets P.U.M.A. Totally Wrong

“Hillary has always inspired as much devotion on the left as she has wild-eyed ranting/irrational hatred on the right. But her nearly-successful run for the Democratic presidential nomination brought her a new group of dedicated fans, as well as a cheering section that all but abandoned real support of her and her political views once the race was over.

For those people, some of whom adopted the acronym P.U.M.A. or Party Unity My A in response to calls by Democrats — including Hillary — to come together to elect Barack Obama, there is no president who could be better than Hillary, no vice presidential pick that wasn’t a slight. Some of them would even call the secretary of state slot a “safe, expected place for a woman to be,” in order to denigrate the selection of yet another woman for the position, even if that woman is Hillary Clinton.

For them, calling Barack Obama a feminist — as this month’s Ms. cover does — is a slap in the face to everything they believe in, which, at this point, has little to do with the policies and principles for which Hillary has fought much of her political life. For many of these supposed supporters, their support for Hillary stopped being about Hillary or her political future many months ago. And as many of them are political neophytes, tomorrow’s hearing will be about who abused their supposed idol or asked her too-tough questions or proved themselves to be sexist by asking her questions as though – gasp – she were any other nominee for the position.

The rest of her supporters, well, they’ll be checking out her suit and her hair and listening to what she has to say about Gaza, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Darfur, Russia, Georgia, 3 AM phone calls and all the rest of it. And we’ll be here tomorrow to help with that.”

via Hillary’s Support Does Not Always Come from Hillary’s “Supporters” by Megan Carpentier

What is wrong with these paragraphs?

Yours truly was one of the very first people to use the term PUMA, way back in April of last year on this very blog, and well before PUMA codified into a real movement after the notorious RBC meeting in June.

To this day I remain mystified as to how people can write about PUMA, say “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary” and never use the words “inexperienced,” “race card,” “caucus cheating,” “illegal contributions,” “media bias,” or “disenfranchisement.”

Hillary or no Hillary, the scandals referenced by these words would still be a huge problem. PUMA is only marginally about Hillary DIDN’T ACHIEVE. For me, PUMA has always been mostly about what Obama DID — marginalize experience, play the race card, cheat in caucus, take illegal contributions, mislead voters through media bias, and actively disenfranchised voters in Florida nad Michigan. These things caused Obama to lose the trust of the PUMAs — and rightfully so.

Carpentier doesn’t see the terrible slavishness of what she advocates. Are PUMAs are terrible for not falling in line behind Hillary, and by extension Obama, and supporting everything she supports? Of course not — that’s facism, not democracy. Carpentier’s right: it’s not about Hillary. It’s about doing what’s right and putting country first. COUNTRY first. Not Hillary first.

People like Carpentier won’t mention these things because it would require Obama to be responsible for his actions and decisions. Absolving Obama responsibility for his choices — like his CHOICE to sit in a racist, anti-American church for two decades for example — continues to be the modus operandi of the whole Obama machine and his current apologists.

I wonder if they’re ever going to admit Obama has said, done, or implied ANYTHING untoward or dishonorable, anything that might upset anyone at all.

But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.



  1. Someone just ask him to show his Birth Certificate?
    I realized something to other day:
    Everything scandal related to the Clinton’s was given a “……….GATE”. They gave the same thing to
    Palin’s “Troop-Gate”; but there’s been NO “Obama

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