Posted by: Puma1 | January 22, 2009

Closing Guantanamo is a Mistake, Americans Agree

Obama Signs Order Closing GuantanamoA new Gallup poll indicates Americans are against the closing of Guantanamo. It’s no wonder, since Obama has not told us what he plans to do with its prisoners.

There is no easy answer on the prison and its prisoners. That’s the way war is. Nobody wants it, but what can you do but defend yourself? Nobody — not even Dubya — wanted Guantanamo to stay open forever. But the civilized world is fighting an unconventional war against an unconventional foe. Obama knows it; his Bush-style “war on terror” rhetoric alarmed even Jon Stewart and the left-leaning Daily Show audience.

If Obama plans to keep America, he must continue the war on terror. If he must continue the war on terror — as his most left-wing backers no doubt fear — then that means he will have to kill and/or detain terrorists. Where, then, is he going to detain them, if not Guantanamo?

Most Americans do not want terrorists mingling around in our local prisons and holding cells, plotting escapes into the general populace. That leaves the Obama administration to utilize extraordinary rendition — the process by which terror suspects, enemy combatants, and the like are shipped off to foreign prisons. There is no way use of extraordinary rendition should please Obama’s backers. The foreign countries which won’t flatly refuse might well employ torture techniques themselves. Simply transferring torture from Guantanamo to another country farther away — while it may fool the media and the most hardcore Kool-Aid aficionados — hardly seems like hope and real change.

The Obama team must have considered all this. Which is why the “closing” of Guantanamo seems more a self-serving symbolic move designed to placate the left than an actual hard reality — sort of like Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” banner didn’t actually mean the Iraq War was over.

Belying all the hoopla around Guantanamo’s symbolic “closure,” Obama himself notes that it may take a year to actually shut Guantanamo’s doors. And that’s because the quarter thousand prisoners there have no where better to go. And, in a year, who’s to say that conditions may require Guantanamo to stay open?

Critics charge that Guantanamo makes a mockery of American justice; but its inhabitants are not Americans. They are not civil citizens; most of their home countries do not want them. They are rogue terrorists or sympathizers, many self-admitted enemies of America — and they should be treated as such by the man whose sworn duty is to protect and defend this nation, its Constitution, and thus its citizens.

Everyone is waiting to hear what Obama plans to actually do with these dangerous degenerates. That includes the plurality of Americans who do not want Guantanamo’s prisoners set loose and who thus disagree with Obama’s executive order.

Obama can’t just let these prisoners ride off into the sunset without review. “Closing” Guantanamo is a nice symbolic gesture, but the American people still need to know what — exactly what — will become of these people.



  1. So out and out shooting them all on the spot is out of the question? You cant have terror suspects in ordinary prisons, the security is not tight nor befitting of such crime. Either Outright shoot them or find another guantanamo style prison. Torture will happen, its the way of life. It happened in british prisons hundreds of years ago for people who couldnt pay their rent, why not just turn a blind eye and let it continue.

  2. Separate them into 6 to 10 groups based on the severity of their crimes. Then have the Trials accordingly. Then Imprison or euthanize them on foreign soil. All within the 1 year period. That would cover just about everyone’s concerns except their God Allah.

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