Posted by: Puma1 | February 26, 2009

Hypocrite Liar Obama Adopts Health Care Mandate; Trashed Hillary and Mandates Less Than Year Ago

It is clear that Obama’s hypocrisy knows no bounds: less than one year after actively campaigning against the universal health care mandate as proposed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama’s health care plan is poised to include (MAJOR HYPOCRISTY ALERT) mandates.

Given Obama’s propensity for lies (see Wright, Jeremiah) and flip-flops (see any number of issues) no one should be surprised.

Hillary was always right about this and Obama — with his horrible, non-universal health care plan — was always wrong. But instead of simply shutting up about it, Obama chose to trash Hillary, mandates, and thus universal health care. Who can forget Hillary’s famous “Shame on you, Barack Obama!” speech when Obama released psuedo-Republican Harry and Louise anti-mandate mailers in Ohio to attack Hillary:

Many people, like Paul Krugman, argued at the time that Obama’s shameful attacks on Hillary’s mandate would harm the universal health care debate in the long run, and they will be proved right when the GOP uses Obama’s own words against him in attacking his health care plan. Remember, it was less than a year ago that Obama was saying:

“If you don’t start with the goal of covering everybody,” Clinton said, “you’ll never get there.” In reply, the Obama team struck back with charges that Clinton would “force people to get health insurance” and require “harsh, stiff penalties on those who don’t purchase it.”


Yo, Obama? You don’t set up your opponents’ attacks for them, but that’s what happens when you stand for nothing, lie, cheat, and flip-flop constantly. It will be interesting watching Barack and Axelrod twist themselves into knots refuting their own anti-health care arguments!

It’s amateur hour in the Oval Office. Obama can start redeeming himself by apologizing to Mrs. Clinton and to all advocates of universal health care. It’s too bad his vicious, divisive health care attacks will come back to bite us all in the butt, but at least Mrs. Clinton will be proven right…again:



  1. Gee, maybe Hillary convinced him? Or maybe he learned that other lesson of the Clintons which is to ask for far more than you think you will get, thus providing yourself with progress in the right direction as a fall-back position.

    • Or maybe he was simply wrong and is now being a hypocrite.

      Obamabots prefer to believe he’s performing jedi mind tricks, but usually the simplest option is the right one.

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