Posted by: Puma1 | February 26, 2009

Wouldn’t You Rather Just Have the Check? Obama Budget Costs $25,573.48 Per Taxpayer

So how much will President Barack Obama’s budget cost us? The projected 2010 budget of $3.552 trillion can be found on page 114 of the “New Era of Responsibility” budget here.

The US Census bureau estimates that the current US population is 304,059,724. Dividing the $3.552 trillion by that gives us close to the $11,833 that Drudge came up with. ABC’s Jake Tapper reports that there wil be $989 billion in new taxes over the next decade.

I’m an American taxpayer and the starkest figure is what this could cost me. The latest figure I could find for the number of US taxpayers is 138,893,908 returns in 2007 here. By my reckoning, that’s $25, 573.48 each.

via $25, 573.48 – what Barack Obama’s budget will cost each taxpayer| Toby Harden, Telegraph

I don’t know about you, but rather than have the Obama-Pelosi-Reid axis of socialism dole out this money to failing programs and wasteful special interests of their choosing, I would much rather the government just write me and my fellow taxpayers a check for $25,573.48, no?

That’s change *I* can believe in.


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