Posted by: Puma1 | February 27, 2009

Obama Budget to Destroy Hope for Budget Surpluses, Defy Budget Surplus Democrats

His dishonesty on his personal peccadilloes notwithstanding, Bill Clinton — along with his co-President Hillary Rodham Clinton — had the most successful Presidency of modern times. What his left-wing critics term ‘triangulation’ was simply a commitment to working with Republicans to implement sound, sensible, responsible fiscal policies — policies which promoted the largest peacetime economic expansion in our history with years of budget surpluses to boot.

It is easy to see, then, why the far left wing of the Democratic Party apparatus turned on Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton with such fury during the nominating process last year: they are simply too reasonable, too sensible, too moderate for Party’s powerful burgeoning socialists.

Mr. Clinton famously declared in the 90s “The era of big government is over.” But with the release of the Obama budget — which proposes the biggest and most expensive expansion of government in world history — Mr. Obama disagrees:

Obama’s leadership style is a far cry from other recent presidents, like Bill Clinton, who declared “The era of big government is over” and made an art form of proposing modest initiatives, such as requiring school uniforms as a step toward improving education.

via Obama’s budget is the end of an era –  Los Angeles Times

Whomever expected that the end of the Bush era would mark a return to reasonable, Clinton-era style economic policies should now be sorely disappointed. There will be no budget surpluses under Obama, who has instead proposed a foaming-at-the-mouth spending spree the likes of which has never been seen in all of human history. Coming on the heels of his trillion dollar stimulus bill, Obama is proposing a trillion dollars of new taxes and $3.6 trillion of new spending (not a typo). This will leave American taxpayers with at least a $1.75 trillion deficit in Obama’s first year alone.

That sounds you heard was the sound of Clintonistas everywhere fainting.

$1.75 TRILLION dollars of debt in one year. Great God from Zion! This makes Bush’s then-record $500 billion deficit last year seem positively penurious by comparison.

The consequences of Obama’s spending and debt omnibus? One, future Presidents and taxpayers will have have to subordinate their domestic priorities to pay off this debt, thus reducing quality of life for everyone. Two, inflation will occur as massive debt destabilizes consumer confidence and the free market. And, three, America’s priorities will be subordinate to those of our debtors: you saw this on display just last week when Secretary of State Clinton — who famously went to China in 1995 and boldly slammed the Chinese on human rights and women’s rights — deprioritized human rights and begged the Chinese to continue bailing us out.

Bush blew up the notion that Republicans were fiscally responsible, and by marching lockstep with his policies for too long, the majority of the Republican party shredded their credibility on economic matters. The election of Hillary Rodham Clinton would have restored the era of economic common sense that allowed America to prosper in the 90s.

Instead, the Democrats have squandered the opportunity to reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility and sound government, allowing Mr. Obama to mortgage the American dream in the meantime.

Wouldn’t it have been enough to end the wars and let Bush’s tax cuts expire? Egads!



  1. As angry at the Democrats and scared by Obama as I am, I’m even more furious at the Republicans, for having nothing to offer as an alternative.

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