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False Promises: Obama Won’t Veto Pork Spending in $410 Billion Bill, Media Turns on Him (Hillary Is 44)


“The worthless Obama promise to stop earmarks will soon be broken …True to Chicago style, Obama will break his no-earmarks pledge and sign the $409.6 billion earmark laden omnibus…Obama can’t be trusted….

Sen. McCain, R-Ariz., tried last week to rid Congress’ humongous spending bill of 8,570 earmarks. That represents $7.7 billion of your tax dollars for pet projects stuffed into spending bills by lawmakers to fund local interests or, sometimes, to benefit big campaign contributors. McCain lost.

President Obama — a once prolific earmarker who became a critic when he set his sights on the White House — has chosen not to pick a fight with the Democratic majority over Congress’ addiction to earmarks.

Howard Fineman, of shoddy and money-losing Newsweek, pretends he is not part of the establishment that is losing faith in Obama. Fineman is sending the signal to his Obama loving establishment brethren: Obama is a boob.

Obama still has the approval of the people, but the establishment is beginning to mumble that the president may not have what it takes. [snip]

But, in ways both large and small, what’s left of the American establishment is taking his measure and, with surprising swiftness, they are finding him lacking.

Obama may be mistaking motion for progress, calling signals for a game plan. [snip]

But there is only one question on this great test of American fate: can he lead us away from plunging into another Depression?

When Dimocrats and PINO Big Blogs hurtled to praise Obama’s words regarding the “budget overview” and the “stimulus” we noted that both proposals were big uncoordinated incomprehensible messes that related more to letters children send to Santa Claus. Only now is “the establishment” realizing Obama is a boob.

If the establishment still has power, it is a three-sided force, churning from inside the Beltway, from Manhattan-based media and from what remains of corporate America. Much of what they are saying is contradictory, but all of it is focused on the president:

The $787 billion stimulus, gargantuan as it was, was in fact too small and not aimed clearly enough at only immediate job-creation.

The $275 billion home-mortgage-refinancing plan, assembled by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, is too complex and indirect.

The president gave up the moral high ground on spending not so much with the “stim” but with the $400 billion supplemental spending bill, larded as it was with 9,000 earmarks.

The administration is throwing good money after bad in at least two cases—the sinkhole that is Citigroup (there are many healthy banks) and General Motors (they deserve what they get).

The failure to call for genuine sacrifice on the part of all Americans, despite the rhetorical claim that everyone would have to “give up” something.

A willingness to give too much leeway to Congress to handle crucial details, from the stim to the vague promise to “reform” medical care without stating what costs could be cut.

A 2010 budget that tries to do far too much, with way too rosy predictions on future revenues and growth of the economy. This led those who fear we are about to go over Niagara Falls to deride Obama as a paddler who’d rather redesign the canoe.

A treasury secretary who has been ridiculed on “Saturday Night Live” and compared to Doogie Howser, Barney Fife and Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”—and those are the nice ones.

A seeming paralysis in the face of the banking crisis: unwilling to nationalize banks, yet unable to figure out how to handle toxic assets in another way—by, say, setting up a “bad bank” catch basin.

A seeming reluctance to seek punishing prosecutions of the malefactors of the last 15 years—and even considering a plea bargain for Bernie Madoff, the poster thief who stole from charities and Nobel laureates and all the grandparents of Boca. Yes, prosecutors are in charge, but the president is entitled—some would say required—to demand harsh justice.

The president, known for his eloquence and attention to detail, seemingly unwilling or unable to patiently, carefully explain how the world works—or more important, how it failed. Using FDR’s fireside chats as a model, Obama needs to explain the banking system in laymen’s terms. An ongoing seminar would be great.

Obama is no socialist, but critics argue that now is not the time for costly, upfront spending on social engineering in health care, energy or education.

Other than all that, in the eyes of the big shots, he is doing fine. The American people remain on his side, but he has to be careful that the gathering judgment of the Bigs doesn’t trickle down to the rest of us.

The establishment is abandoning Obama because…he is so incompetent they are still losing money overall. So they are warning Obama via Howard Fineman. Multi-multi-Billionaire Warren Buffett is also sending a clear message:

Buffett was perhaps Obama’s most powerful “validator,” an unfortunate political term for a supporter whose unassailable credentials in a particular area make people feel good about a candidate’s slim credentials in that area. [snip]

“I think that the Democrats—and I voted for Obama and I strongly support him, and I think he’s the right guy—but I think they should not use this—when they’re calling for unity on a question this important, they should not use it to roll the Republicans.” He also said it was unproductive to blame the Bush administration and use the crisis to get funding for “pet projects.” [snip]

Buffett wasn’t trying to assign blame. He was calling for focus, most of all from President Obama as the communicator-in-chief. A lack of communication, says Buffett, is at the heart of the economic problem. “We’ve had muddled messages,” he said, “and the American public does not know. They feel they don’t know what’s going on, and their reaction is to absolutely pull back. … How fast we get [to better economic times] depends enormously on not only the wisdom of government policy but the degree in which it’s communicated properly.” (Buffett’s own attempts at communication included repeatedly referring to the current economic crisis as a war and drawing elaborate analogies to the attack on Pearl Harbor.)

Obama’s establishment Hopium pushers, know public opinion polls which paint Obama as “popular” are misleading. Warren Buffett is saying stop blaming George W. Bush for your own mess and inability to get out of the mess:

those polls are misleading. To see whether Obama has really changed the economic climate, watch how people behave. People are nervous, and they’re not spending. Since the stimulus bill passed, the consumer mood has not improved.

Dimocrats are worried too. They, via Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry, gifted Obama the Democratic nomination and ignored the Democratic grassroots. But even the most Hopium addled Dimocrat knows Obama’s “budget overview” proposals (we’ll get to see the real budget in April) are a huge stinking B.O. mess. Even Dimocrats will not vote for the Obama 2010 “budget overview“.

But it is not concern for the nation that is driving Dimocrats to abandon boob Obama. Dimocrats know Obama is taking them to an historic drubbing in 2010:

Democratic House members say they have less time to wait for signs of economic recovery than President Barack Obama , a conflict of timing that lawmakers say has become increasingly evident in their dealings with the White House.

They have been hearing from constituents about the gap between the pain they feel from the recession and the lack of improvement they see from the federal government’s enactment of trillions of dollars in spending to bolster entities ranging from banks to schools. [snip]

None of the lawmakers interviewed would claim the electoral motive for himself or herself but they said it is a general dynamic in caucus discussions with White House.

As we have written consistently, the United States needs a comprehensive economic plan that is easy to understand. Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt explained their plans in a clear and detailed way. But Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt knew what they were doing.

Obama, the HMS Pinafore pretend captain, will sink the American boat.”

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