Posted by: Puma1 | April 8, 2009

Why in Hell did an American President Bow to a Muslim King?


Americans don’t bow to kings. We fought a war not to, right? That goes double for American Presidents.

So I’m going to pretend this didn’t happen…Mr. Obama was teaching the Saudi king the “uh-oh-oh, uh-oh-oh” part of the “Single Ladiesdance. Yeah, that’s it.



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  2. He was trying to find the teleprompter!

    • LOL! Good one!

    • PS-his news publicist said he was bending while trying to find the guy’s hand because Obama is taller ! Obama & his people are all boobs and incompetents!

  3. Obama, the President of the United States and leader of the free world, bows to a Saudi King who represents a despotic regime noted for its’ human rights violations, a birthplace of terrorists, a symbol of everything that is an antithesis to our system of government, and it’s no big deal?

    I consider myself fortunate to have been born in a republic. I appreciate that as a citizen of a republic, I need not bow to any man or woman. We are all created equal, and blood lines do not make one person superior. This gesture by Obama should rankle every citizen for when Obama bowed as President of the United States, we all bowed.

    He did bow, see the video from the latest angle:

  4. Obama wasn’t bowing. He was inserting a bottle of whisky and a pack of smokes under the King’s robes.

  5. Paglia says it’s because his staff did not advise him not to:


    The kool-ade withdrawal must be very painful for Camille. (Though I will give her credit for at least trying to dry out.)

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