Posted by: Puma1 | April 10, 2009

Teleprompter Goes Blank: Obama Too Scared to Help American Hostages

Asked to comment on the American hostage situation involving Somali pirates, Mr. Obama got spooked and declined to offer any thoughts or reassurance:

President Obama appears to be unconcerned. At a meeting with homeowners in the White House Roosevelt Room Barack Obama was asked what he thought of the Somali pirate situation and the plight of Captain Phillips. Obama responded “Guys we re talking about housing right now.”

via Obama’s Somali Pirate Hostage Crisis is an ‘Annoying Distraction’ – Associated Content.

“We’re talking about housing right now,” he whined. Sorry to bother you with an American hostage situation, Mr. President. You’re only supposed to be the commander-in-chief. Poor you.

Barack Obama is too dug-in to a capitulationist stance to make a peep. While free and safe journalists praise Obama for “listening” to autocrats and fanatics, their less fortunate colleagues have been listening in vain for a word from the American president…

It is far too easy to criticize the president for failing to do or say the right thing in regard to these fragile situations. Missteps could prove fatal. But to do and say nothing about Americans being held captive in foreign lands is a scandal in itself and another global advertisement for America’s new and pervasive sense of trepidation.

via Commentary » Blog Archive » Captives, What Captives?

The proverbial nail is hit on its proverbial head.

One should sympathize with the President: he does not want to sound too combative and overly intimidating in responding to the plight of Americans currently being held hostage by Somali pirates. That might agitate the Pirates and cost American lives — and of course his belligerance would be cited as the reason by his critics.

At the same time, he is still the President and should lead — not follow — on the handling of this incident: he should not do absolutely nothing thus appearing limp-wristed, skinny, and girly-mannish, signaling to America’s enemies-in-wait that it’s open season on our citizens.

There is a happy medium:

“This hostage situation is upsetting, but we are in control. I am in constant communication with the Secretary of the Navy and we are certain we will bring these brave American citizens home safely. Let me send a message to them to stay viligant, strong, and to keep fighting. Let me also warn the Somali pirates that they should release their American hostages immediately or face tragic consequences. I decline to say any more as this situation is delicate, and we do not want to compromise our citizens’ safety.”

Why couldn’t he just say something like that? What’s wrong, Mr. Obama — teleprompter got your tongue?

Maybe Obama’s waiting for a cue from the King Abdullah, now that he’s revealed himself to be a Saudi subject replete with hip-bow.




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  2. He response reminds me of PA last:
    “Let me eat my Waffles”!!

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