Posted by: Puma1 | April 16, 2009

NEWSWEEK = PWND: Brent Bozell Rips Dying Magazine To Shreds

Brent Bozell of rips Newsweek a new one in a scathing and scathingly accurate appraisal of the “news” rag’s dying fortunes. It is so good I am quoting it almost in full here:

Newsweek greeted the coming of Easter with a black cover, and the headline “The Decline and Fall of Christian America,” spelled out in red in the shape of a cross. Inside, it was more declarative: “The End of Christian America.” Why? Because they found that the percentage of self-identified Christians had fallen 10 points since 1990. OK, then let’s compare. How much has Newsweek’s circulation fallen since 1990? Just since 2007, their announced circulation has dropped by 52 percent. It would be more plausible to state “The End of Newsweek.”…

At the end of 2007, Newsweek reduced its “base rate” (or circulation guaranteed to advertisers) from 3.1 million to 2.6 million, a 16 percent drop…the evidence is much stronger for wondering about the decline and fall of the American “news magazine” — as if Time and Newsweek haven’t already shed that label in everything but name.

Newsweek’s strategy in the midst of all its financial decline is to double and triple the amount of editorializing, cast aside all semblance of “news” in favor of long, liberal essays by self-impressed Newsweek editor Jon Meacham and his international editor Fareed Zakaria. Is that really a business solution, or is it the captains performing violin solos on the deck of the Titanic?

One has to wonder whether Newsweek’s financial gurus really think it’s a smart business strategy to greet the Easter season with funerals for “Christian America,” and greet the Christmas season by making the “religious case for gay marriage”? (That’s not to mention all the reverent Obama worship in between.)

Christianity, in contrast to Newsweek, is in decent demographic shape.  The American Religious Identification Survey that Newsweek touted — from Trinity College in Connecticut — estimated there are now 173.4 million self-identified Christians in America, up from 151.2 million in 1990. The percentage declined, but the actual number increased…

Newsweek watchers might find it odd that Christians should surrender, but Muslims should be granted greater respect. A month ago, Newsweek’s cover announced, “Radical Islam is a fact of life. How to live with it.”


…the top minds at Newsweek think they are the wisest of men, the definers of trends and the shepherds of public opinion. So why is everyone abandoning their advice? Why are the captains of a magazine that’s lost half its circulation telling the rest of us where the mainstream lies?

via RealClearPolitics – The Decline and Fall of Newsweek.

Would that Newsweek, the New York Times, and the rest of the drowning Obamamedia would get the message that the reason they are losing subscribers quicker than the Hindenburg on descent is their digusting bias, but frankly, I’d rather they didn’t get the message so they get put out of their misery faster.

Newsweek: you just got your butt handed to you on a rusty silver platter. Enjoy!



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