Posted by: Puma1 | April 20, 2009

Obama’s Release of So-Called Torture Memos Indefensible

Mr. Obama is supposed to be smart, but I knew (before he did) that his idea for unilateral talks with Iran was dumb and that ending the war and nullifying the Patriot Act was a well-intentioned fairy tale. Also, I understand (as he doesn’t yet, but history proves he will) that releasing classified interrogation secrets is idiotic. One day, I’m going to have a President with as much common sense as me. Just not this decade.

On every level, this is a fail. As a matter of transparency, why this? Why not TARP, or his own campaign donations? Is he trying to embarrass the CIA? Embarrass Bush? Was it not enough to privately suspend the interrogations?

There is no explanation: it kills CIA morale. It makes the Army Field Manual useless. It ties the hand of past, present and future intelligence officers and Presidents. It will be a recruiting tool for terrorists who want to believe the US tortures, not to mention a training tool.

It is pointless, reminiscent of Bush’s needlessly provocative nominations of John Bolton and Harriet Miers — when I realized Bush was not just a poor president but a hack and a tool. I’ve thought Obama was wrong about some things, but maybe he’s just really out to lunch? Can’t be, he’s too clever. Therefore, I choose to believe that he did not make this decision. That’s the only logical explanation. No President would knowingly do this.

It is possible to draw a line of acceptable behavior without confusing the CIA and revealing state secrets in the process.

Mr. Obama needs to stop being so naive and let the CIA do it’s job. It is far easier for us to “tsk, tsk” from the safety of our heated and cooled American homes and colleges when the same “hideous” tactics we despise have revealed fully 50% of the knowledge that we have about the operations of terrorist organizations.



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