Posted by: Puma1 | April 21, 2009

Flip-Flop Alert: Obama Open to Torture Probe of CIA Agents – Real Clear Politics –

President Obama said Tuesday that he was open to an investigation of controversial interrogation techniques…Obama’s reversal came only days after White House public assurances that Obama’s Department of Justice would not investigate or prosecute those who administered the interrogations.

Obama told reporters he was open to a “fuller accounting of what took place” by Congress in a “bipartisan fashion, outside of the typical hearing process.”

Obama’s comments seemingly undercut his attempt to strike a balance last week on the tortured issue. He released previously classified memoranda detailing CIA interrogation techniques but pledged to withhold prosecution of those who led or administered the interrogations. Critics have derided the interrogations, which include repeated water boarding, as torture.

The president’s statement seems to indicate a bow to outside pressure, both domestic and abroad. The UN top official on torture, Manfred Nowak, reportedly said that the United States had a commitment to investigate credible accusations of torture as a party to the International Convention against Torture. Another report on interrogation techniques is due from the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Obama’s decision is assured to inflame the already heated debate over the efficacy of torture and the decision to release the classified details of the harsh interrogations.

via Obama Open to Torture Probe of Bush Team – Real Clear Politics –

Great Obama. Break another promise. Throw the CIA under the bus. Play political games with the people who are trying their hardest to protect this country.

Change you can ruin the US intelligence community with!



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