Posted by: Puma1 | April 22, 2009

Fred Thompson Slams Obama for Throwing the CIA Under the Bus on ‘Torture’ Memos

District Attorney Arthur Branch slams Obama for throwing the CIA under the bus:

He’s absolutely right, except I don’t think Holder is a ‘weakling,’ rather a strong partisan with sinister intent and potential to inflict serious injury on this country and its foreign policy institutions. He and Obama are playing political games against an already deposed President Bush; however, Bush is out in the wilderness, out of sight, and happily out of mind. No sitting President is going to undermine the stability of the country by prosecuting a former President (or Vice-President or Attorney General or National Security Advisor) for torture. Not even Obama is that nutso.

So who is all this “torture” grandstanding really hurting?

It’s hurting the rank-and-file intelligence agents and officers who served under Bush and who want to serve diligently under Obama to ensure his foreign policy is successful. Why Obama and his staff continue to cut those who are trying to help him off at the knees I’m sure I don’t know — but it is evidence of his immaturity and proof positive of why McCain would have been a better President (get it now, Brooks, Buckley II, Powell and Noonan?)



  1. Hey Why Not?

    The Obama purge of the CIA ensures that he will be able to staff the agency with personnel loyal to him.

    He cares not a bit about protecting the country.. His primary motivation is to protect himself.

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