Posted by: Puma1 | April 23, 2009

Scared Sh*tless: Senate Democrats Terrified About Possibility of ‘Torture’ Hearings Implicating Themselves

Senate Democratic leaders continue to resist calls for creation of an independent commission to investigate the interrogation tactics authorized by the Bush administration.

“I think it would very unwise from my perspective to start having commissions, boards, tribunals until we find out what the facts are,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), reiterating his support for the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate the interrogations.

Reid’s statement puts him at odds with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has called for a formal “truth commission” to probe into the interrogations and legal justifications for tactics like water boarding. And President Barack Obama opened the door to creating a bipartisan commission similar to the one formed after the Sept. 11 attacks.

via Reid splits from Pelosi on torture – Lisa Lerer –

Ha! Didn’t see this one coming *snark*

Can we please, please, please have this witch hunt commission? I can’t wait for the post-partisan President to rip his country and his party apart with the revelations that 1) the enhanced interrogation techniques thwarted attacks on major US cities, including liberal enclaves like Los Angeles and 2) among the members of Congress who knew and gave their blessing/voiced no objections were Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Mrs. Clinton (who I am a fan of), Rahm Emanuel, and probably Barack Obama himself.

Decision to declassify intelligence secrets against the recommendation of every living CIA Director = dumbest. move. ever.



  1. Here’s your “hope and change.” In 2007 I blogged that there would be a terrorist attack on American soil within 16 months of another idiot democrat in the White House. Obama’s ineptness in office has emboldened Al-Qaeda in Iraq (attacks and suicide bombings up 400% since January) and effectively obliterated morale at the CIA– all the while handing our interrogation playbook to the terrorists.

    I’m revising my timeline: I strongly suggest you stay out of cities from now until we finally get a real president in office.

    The only two good things: 1) The people who voted for this clown are largely collected in cities. I don’t want them hurt or killed, but maybe if they LOOK AT A SMOKING CRATER THEIR CANDIDATE CAUSED they will use some flippin’ common sense in 2012.

    and 2) He owns it. He. Owns. It. No matter how he ducks and dodges, ANY attack on American sovereignty belongs to him now, foreign or domestic. While his dumb self has been bowing to our national enemies and apologizing for everything America has done for peace and freedom in the last two hundred years those same enemies were quietly plotting.

    Americans will die because of this fool. Every soldier or civilian killed because of his inexperience and ineptness lays at his hands and the hands of the morons that voted for the color of his skin rather than examining his known voting records and stances.

    Well done. I hope you don’t lose anyone close to you.


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  3. The Democrats along with the Republicans voted
    with enthusiasum to use anymeans necessary to
    extract information from these “Islamic” Goons!

    House-Speaker, Pelosi & her fellow Liberals say
    they didn’t vote for the Tactics the “CIA” used
    knowing that they Damn-well did… just business
    as usual.

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