Posted by: Puma1 | April 24, 2009

Loony Left Jumps the Shark, Suggests Sitting President Should Put Former President, VP on Trial

The loony left (not the whole left, just its most bizarre fringe elements) has finally jumped off into the deep end of the River Crazy:

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Constitution subcommittee, who has long urged Congress to get more serious about checking and balancing executive excess, is now rightly arguing that evidence of the Bush administration’s complicity in torture must be addressed. “Horrible abuses were committed in the name of the American people, and we cannot look the other way or just ‘move on,'” he says. But Congress must also confront its own complicity: members must recognize that their repeated refusals to address abuses by sitting and former presidents have facilitated a breakdown in the constitutional order.

This recognition must be joined with Congressional action to remove those who sanctioned and promoted torture from positions of public trust and, if inquiries so conclude, to hold Bush, Cheney and their top aides to account. Going after Jay Bybee, the former assistant attorney general who wrote the most noxious memo–outlining schemes for waterboarding, sleep deprivation, slamming prisoners against walls and putting them in “confinement boxes” with insects–would be a swift and aggressive opening gambit. Bybee is now a judge in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; he should be impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate.

via Accountability for Torture.

Wow. You have to be a fool-and-a-half to suggest that a sitting US President should preside over the war crimes trials of a former President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Attorney General and their aides.

The Nation, in its utter stupidity, makes no mention of how the gross spectacle of such witch hunt hearings would inflame, divide, paralyze, further embarrass and destabilize the country in any number of ways, including an infinitely destructive ratcheting up of partisan and intra-partisan rancor.

Predictably, The Nation — cementing its premier status as water carrier for the fringe wing of the Democrap party — makes no mention of Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her proven complicity in the emergence of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Gleen Greenwald, to his credit, does a little better in mentioning Pelosi’s role in the fracas, but he also suffers from a severe case of tunnel vision and a total lack of prescience:

Punishing politically powerful criminals is about vindicating the rule of law. Partisan and political considerations should play no role in it. It is opponents of investigations and prosecutions who are being driven by partisan allegiances and a desire to advance their political interests. By contrast, proponents of investigations are seeking to vindicate the most apolitical yet crucial principle of our system of government: that we are a nation of laws that cannot allow extremely serious crimes to be swept under the rug for political reasons. That’s true no matter what is best for Obama’s political goals and no matter how many Democrats end up being implicated — ethically, politically or even legally — by the crimes that were committed.

via Democratic complicity and what “politicizing justice” really means – Glenn Greenwald –

Wrong, Glenn, opponents of these witch hunts desire to protect and preserve the sovereignty and solvency of the United States of America, something the America-hating part of the left cares nothing about.

Greenwald is generally a reasonable liberal and not part of the fringe; as such, he should know better that to suggest those who disagree with him have only partisan motivations. On the contrary, opponents of these with hunts have the good sense to recognize how indescribably divisive and thus destructive and damaging these show trials and endless ‘torture’ investigations would be.

As for being a nation of laws, Greenwald’s argument is moot: the CIA agents involved are protected by law since they were following the legal advice of the Justice Department and thus acting within legal boundaries given to then.

The executive officers involved are bound by oath and by law to protect and defend this country — which is precisely what they were trying to do.

Like the Clinton witch hunts of the 90s had nothing to do with perjury, this ‘torture’ nonsense has nothing to do with the rule of law. It has everything to do with the petty revenge fantasies of the far left. And Glenn Greenwald knows it.

He and his far-left allies may care about America, but they simply do not love America as much as they hate George W. Bush.



  1. Not to worry.

    Cuz in about 4 years it will be the Looney Right jumping the shark. And demanding that Barack Obama’s ass be grass. Maybe Joe Biden’s too. But, more likely Hillary’s.

    That’s the way it’s done in the good ol’ U.S. of A. in the 21st century.

    Hatred runs vile and deep amongst the extremists. Neither side has any respect whatsoever for contrasting views.

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