Posted by: Puma1 | April 24, 2009

Why Is Executing American Citizens Okay, But Depriving Terrorists of Sleep Not?

I’m stunned that a country that still regularly executes its own citizens, tolerates the most vile public misogyny, and just recently did nothing while its ‘anti-war’ President dropped bombs on families in Pakistan is pretending to be outraged because water was poured on the face of three terrorists in Guanatamo Bay. Does this country really care more about terrorists than Americans? The answer is no. Utterly stupid!



  1. Ahhhh…it’s always enjoyable to see people be so “law abiding” when it suits their agendas but completely disregard the law when it suits their agenda. Sounds like the actions of elitists, despots and dictators but at least you’re not a socialist. Have a gay little tea party for that I guess.

    • Amazing. Flawed logic, homophobia, and projection in one post. Congratulations, you win for most incoherent post of the day.

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