Posted by: Puma1 | April 29, 2009

Still Their Gal: Hillary Campaign Debt Almost Retired; Still-for-Hill Supporters Raise Almost $6 Million in 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reached an important milestone Wednesday in her quest to pay the debt from her failed 2008 presidential bid: For the first time in eight months, her campaign committee reported having more money in the bank than it owes…

…Clinton’s campaign committee filed finance documents with the Federal Election Commission, reporting a total of $2.3 million in debts at the end of March, compared with $2.6 million in the bank.

The nation’s top diplomat has been steadily chipping away at unpaid campaign bills since suspending her White House bid in June 2008, when her debt peaked at $25.2 million…

via Clinton hits milestone in trying to clear campaign debt –

In the first three months of the year, Hillary Clinton paid off $3.7 million in bills…according to a report her campaign filed Wednesday afternoon with the Federal Election Commission…

The filing also reveals that the campaign brought in $5.6 million between January 1 and March 31, an impressive sum given that Clinton has relied on surrogates to raise money to pay off her debts since January, when she was confirmed as secretary of state for her Democratic primary rival, President Barack Obama.

Ethics rules and tradition restrict diplomats from engaging in partisan political activity, including raising cash to pay off the debt.

via Hillary took in $5.6M in 1st quarter – Kenneth P. Vogel –

This is great news for all Clintonistas and a signal that we need to continue chipping away at the last little bit of debt owed by Mrs. Clinton.

It is touching that so many have continued to work so hard for Hillary almost eleven months after superdelegates forced her to end her quest to restore confidence, credibility, and responsibility to the White House.

The fact that Americans keeping investing in Hillary — that she receives these gifts of admiration without even being a candidate — is indicative that while she ‘lost’ the battle, she won the war and the respect of millions.

Her historic campaign that garnered more primary votes than any candidate in history continues to inspire. Hopefully, Hillary’s deft handling of the debt issue will inspire Washuington’s big spender’s into some Clinton-era style fiscal responsibility!


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