Posted by: Puma1 | April 29, 2009

Obama’s 100 Days of Doublespeak and Failure – Reason Magazine

In nearly every key area of policy concern, from industrial bailouts to massive deficits, from Afghanistan to the Middle East, from education to energy, the president’s standard operating or reach back into the Carter playbook for ideas that didn’t work back then, either…

On the economy, and specifically on the economic crisis, Obama came to office promising a sharp break from the past. Instead, he has added so much fuel to the fires that George W. Bush ignited—exploding already swollen deficits, using TARP monies (which were statutorily provided for banks) not just for auto companies but minor auto parts manufacturers, and giving the federal government more power to seize private companies than even Henry Paulson dreamed of wielding. Such has been the extent of Obama’s me-tooism that he’s taken to defending his record by pointing out that, hey, Bush started it!

The latter was actually a rare moment of transparency; Obama’s typical M.O. is to proclaim a new era of responsibility while ushering in a new era of irresponsible debt, promise to close the revolving door of lobbyists and government while keeping it open, and vow to post all bills online for five days without doing anything of the sort. He says the bailout is “not about helping banks—it’s about helping people,” then gives more of the people’s money to banks. He says he doesn’t want to run General Motors, then fires its CEO, guarantees its warranties, and wags his finger about the company’s surplus of brands. He says he’s taking a battle-axe to the budget, then offers to shave $100 million off a $3.4 trillion tab. At his gee-whiz, interactive, online town hall meeting, he laughed off the most popular question asked by web viewers—should marijuana be legalized—with a lame joke before embracing the status quo like Jimmy Carter hugging a Third World dictator

When it came to improving rotten schools, Candidate Obama vowed we would no longer be paralyzed by “Democrat versus Republican; vouchers versus the status quo; more money versus more reform.”

Since then, Democrats (versus Republicans) have killed Washington, D.C.’s proven-effective voucher program (versus the status quo), and showered more federal money on schools and teachers (versus more reform)…

According to the Harris Poll, which has been tracking party affiliation and political philosophy of adult Americans for 40 years, between 2007 and 2008, the most recent year for which there is data, independents were the only bloc of voters to expand—from 23 percent to 31 percent. Similarly, political moderates outnumber both liberals and conservatives. All of which suggests that Obama’s honeymoon, like all vacations from reality, will soon come to an end.

via Obama’s Vision Deficit: After 100 days, the new president has revealed himself as an effective salesman of exhausted ideas. – Reason Magazine.



  1. “Last Wednesday a man named Gerald Walpin, a U.S. inspector general investigating the possible misuse of Americorps funds, received a call from the White House informing him of his firing, a firing some believe was politically motivated and highly illegal.” Gawker 6-16-09

  2. 1st, 100 day’s are a total “DISASTER”!….. and
    GOD HELP the ones who didn’t vote for him!

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