Posted by: Puma1 | June 2, 2009

GOP Winning an Issue, Will They Pounce? Polls Show Public Sides With Cheney, Against Obama

…A large majority, 65%, say the US should not close down Guantanamo Bay. Of those, 54%…say they will be “upset” if the administration continues its plans to close down the facility…

By an even greater margin of three-to-one, respondents said they oppose the administration’s plans to move some of the detainees to prison facilities within the United States.

Lastly, the poll shows that Vice President Cheney clearly won the national security “showdown” on Guantanamo Bay with President Obama last month. Forty percent (40%) of those surveyed agreed with Cheney’s belief that the prison at Guantanamo Bay had helped make America safer. Only 18% agreed with President Obama’s assertion that the housing of detainees at Gitmo had made America less safe.

via Public Against Closing Gitmo, Sides With Cheney – Real Clear Politics –

The conventional wisdom (aka the Newsweek-MSNBC-New York Times talking points) is wrong. Americans don’t want terrorists cuddling with teddy bears in their homes and neighborhoods. It can lead to bad stuff.

It appears Obama’s Teleprompted talking isn’t working any more. America preferred Cheney’s consistent — if unsettling and slightly creepy *shudder* — defense of national security realpolitik to Pelosi’s lies/CIA smears and to Obama’s playing politics with selective memo release, backtracking and promise breaking, unapologetic flip-flopping, and culminating in a side-splitting straight-faced delivery of a vague speech that, in typical Obama style, muddied the issue by taking up the broadest theme possible (NATIONAL SECURITY SPEECH! RACE SPEECH! MUSLIM SPEECH!) while characteristically refusing to  address the specific question at hand (never seen that before), in this case — what the hell are you going to do with the detainees, Mr. President? We still don’t know…and neither does he.

Yet unlike the overreaction to last years overrated Obama race speech — which was supposed to answer the question of why Mr. Obama chose for two decades to attend a church led by an anti-American racist, but didn’t of course (we still don’t know) — this time nobody fell for it.

America has never needed a healthy opposition more than it does right now. Cheney did his party and the country a favor, took on a “popular” President, and won the national security debate. Take it, and run. Run, GOP, run!


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