Posted by: Puma1 | June 12, 2009

The Perceived Whine Revised: Palin Finds Her Feminist Side, Decries Letterman’s Sexism

Must see teevee on the Today show this morning:

Holy moly, did you see that? Mrs. Palin just shot down Lauer’s apologia, handed Letterman his ass on a silver platter, and reinvented herself as a feminist. Hell hath no fury like an angry mother.

And what a difference a year makes.

I remember when Gov. Palin said that Hillary shouldn’t be complaining about sexism, that it didn’t do women any good, and that it was “whining”. Remember this gem from the primary season:

Now she has walked a couple hundred feet in Hillary’s shoes, and the perceived whine has just undergone a major revision! Ha! Nothing like a little first hand experience with the sexism Obamamedia to change your mind, huh, Mrs. Palin?

Glad you came around.



  1. re:RAB: “But occasionally you have to show your fangs and snap at the idiots who won’t leave well enough alone.”

    Or, bad enough alone, as the case may be.

  2. Its a mixed bag advice. Most of the time Palin is correct and it does no good to dwell overly much on sexism (or other -isms). But occasionally you have to show your fangs and snap at the idiots who won’t leave well enough alone.

    I’m not gonna pretend to know where the breaking points were for Palin or Clinton…they both acted as best they could.

  3. I’m Republican & I don’t believe that most of my fellow Republicans followed the Dem primaries too closely so we didn’t really know what Hillary had to put up with. In most normal work places, Gov Palin’s original advice would probably make sense. For a personal example, I felt that I was discriminated against at my former place of employment. I thought that if I went to EEO & filed a complaint, that I would have been labelled a whiner & shunned even more, so I sucked it up to avoid making my life even worse.

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