Posted by: Puma1 | June 24, 2009

You’ll Pay a Fine, But They Won’t: Congress Exempts Self From Health Care Mandate

Does the bill require you to have health insurance?

Yes. There is a lot of Washington double-talk in the bill – for example, it states, “No individual shall be compelled to enroll in a ‘qualified’ health plan” (sec. 3101).

But if you file a tax return and fail to attach proof of your qualifying health plan, the IRS, in coordination with the expanded federal office on electronic medical records and a new state bureaucracy called a Gateway, will find you, notify you of your default and fine you (sec. 59).

How big a fine? That’s left up to the secretary of health and human services, but it will be big enough to “. . . accomplish the goal of enhancing participation.”

Of course, people on Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs are exempt. But the outrage is that members of Congress are exempting themselves (sec. 3116).

via How health care ‘reforms’ will mess with your coverage.

Typical Congress. If the health care “reform” bill is so great, why won’t Congress subject themselves to its wonders and glories?

Another thing that makes you go, hmmm…



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