Why Rebel?

An edited presentation of two widely-praised essays by political observer J.D. Ciffre of Savage Politics, presenting the principles of a spirited and just rebellion against political parties, in the context of progressives’ and moderates’ 2008 backlash against the fringe left elite takeover of the Democratic Party.

Full text of the originals can be found here and here.



Entries on Civil Disobedence & Righteous Indignation

By J.D. Ciffre

“This election is crucial, and it will deal with the heart and soul of this Nation. The error of following the party line behind an incompetent fool without any credentials has led us to eight years of George W. Bush. Today, a minority of the Democratic base, along with their elite puppet masters, have chosen their own Politically Correct version of Bush and want everyone to fall in line so that he get elected…

“Republicans did not listen to McCain’s pleas in the year 2000, when he told his supporters and his party that Bush’s rhetoric was complete nonsense and dangerously naive. But they Foolishly did listen to his suggestions after he was defeated by Bush and was forced to concede and endorse him. Now, in an almost eerie similarity, many Democrats did not listen to Hillary Clinton when she warned them about Obama’s dangerous inexperience, and now they might be tempted to foolishly listen to her when she does her ‘walk of shame’ towards endorsing Obama. But history can not only change, It Has to Change.”


June 1, 2008

Yesterday, the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party struck down the request of most Florida Democrats who plead with them to permit All of their delegates to participate at the convention as people chose them. The Committee thus only agreed to allow them a ‘Half Vote’ at the convention. When it came down to the Michigan problematic, they once again struck down a request to allocate the delegates in a manner representing what happened at the polls, deciding instead to award them a Half Vote, but with the particularity of some disturbing modifications: they unilaterally awarded All non-Clinton votes to Obama — even though at the time all other candidates were still running — and also gave Obama 4 of Clinton’s own delegates!

Does this really seem just and/or logical to any fair minded individual?

The main argument, for those committee members who voted against the full allocation of votes, was the apparently infallible nature and holy characteristics of the “Rules” established by said committee. All of those present, who consistently voted against the full establishment of these voters’ rights, argued that “rules should not be broken,” that their “rules are established to create some semblance of justice,” that “if rules are modified chaos ensues,” and that “equity lies in enforcing the rules, not in making them flexible to particular circumstances.”

Are they right?

Is our American Democracy founded on the idea that laws are an inviolable group of pronouncements which should not be altered or questioned?

Without going into a full discussion of how our Founding Fathers actually viewed this issue, it is fair to mention that Thomas Jefferson often spoke about the right of citizens to Violently overthrow the United States government, or any other for that matter, if they became oppressive and too overreaching in with their oppressive rules.

So, with that legitimate but somewhat radical perspective in mind, and without suggesting its current relevance, we should ask ourselves: Are there any modern examples of ‘law breaking’ that could underscore the dishonesty manifested by the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic Party? Are there any modern examples in which we can make the case that “rule breaking” is a virtue and not a crime?

Ironically, the answer can be found within the committee itself.

Many within collectively recalled during their presentations how ‘they had fought for civil rights’ in decades past, how they ‘wouldn’t even be there as minorities if it weren’t for their fight to end injustice,’ all of it to make the bizarre case that they were enforcing the rules as the only “just” way of keeping equity and peace alive.

Did they somehow forget What they were fighting against back in the day? Were they not fighting against LAWS and RULES, which established that Black people should eat and drink separately?

Were they not fighting against LAWS and RULES, which didn’t allow women to vote or publicly participate in government? How then did any of these individuals actually change American history and the Nation’s unfair application of said Rules?

It was by outright Disobedience and Rule Breaking. By telling those who were in power that those rules Can Not and Should Not be imposed. By telling the world that Chaos is preferable to Oppression and Slavery.

Today, these same individuals hypocritically proclaim themselves the protectors of equity while simultaneously enforcing Internal party rules that Trump the will of its own members. They have sadly become the slave masters they once fought. Now, when it is politically expedient and fashionable, the rules have become sacrosanct, protecting “democracy” and “order.”

I ask them: Shouldn’t you have stood by the rules of segregation with the aim of protecting order? Shouldn’t you have considered the imposition of the Nuremberg Rules in Germany as ‘fair and essential’ to peace and prosperity? Of course not! But many of these individuals did not seem prone to show any backbone whatsoever when the moment of truth arrived.

This makes it possible to speculate that many of these party insiders may have Never been true believers of justice and equity, but instead were only looking for Their personal stake in the game of power; there is an even higher possibility that they were only following the ‘fashion’ of the times. Today, they have a new fad to follow: Barack Hussein Obama.

Nonetheless, all is not lost. I do believe that the Democratic base, which is truly composed of White, Black and Brown Working Class Women, can still teach the Democratic Party, and the world, a lesson or two about what it truly means to fight for civil rights and Equity.

It means Civil Disobedience.

Wikipedia defines this tradition and/or technique in the following manner:

Civil disobedience is the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government, or of an occupying power, without resorting to physical violence. It is one of the primary tactics of nonviolent resistance…

Civil disobedience is one of the many ways people have rebelled against unfair laws. It has been used in many well-documented nonviolent resistance movements…

Although most Democratic voters should find their own way of disobeying the unfair rules of the DNC, I do suggest that the most effective manner will be to calmly (but loudly!) let their party leaders know that this time, they Will Not Follow Them into oblivion. That the Majority of the Democratic Party base will Not Obey their unjust laws and will therefore Resist the nomination of the candidate who got the least votes during the this election, and who is tarnished with corruption and un-patriotism, Barack H. Obama.

Civil disobedience can be executed in many ways, but there can be no better exemplification of it’s true impact on this election than not giving Any amount of money to the DNC, not participating in any of their activities…not going along with their anointed nominee in November — even actively campaigning against him…

It was this same Civil Disobedience that changed the face of America, as many from the old guard of the 60s can attest. Thus, it will also be in the year 2008 that many Americans will give the Democratic National Committee and their lackeys a good lesson of what it truly means to fight for equality and justice. For many of our older citizens, it will be their last stand for what is fair and just about this Country, against the forces of tyranny and favoritism.

Righteous Indignation

July 5, 2008

This entire election has been a sham.

An almost comical farce in which the Mainstream Media, along with the ideological Left fringes within the Democratic Party decided ahead of time who should become President of the United States. In this manner, and with full knowledge and intent, they have decided to re-write history, dismiss entire demographics, and besmirch the reputation of countless individuals, for the sake of political power and the Almighty Dollar.

They have courted and laid with the ugly spectre of sexism and anti-White racism, insulting the very same people who have fed them over the years with vast economic and moral support.

As many of you may already know, Hillary Clinton has officially declared, via a letter to her supporters and to the Media, that she will suspend her campaign and endorse Barack Hussein Obama…But this election is NOT about Clinton, it is about America. It is about Self Respect.

All Americans must understand that the Media and the Democratic Party did not just insult Hillary Clinton as a person, they insulted what she Represented to all of her supporters…important groups were told by countless pundits that their power was minimal, that they did not matter in the Grand Scheme of Things, that Latinos and Whites were racists when they voted for a White woman by 60%, while simultanously characterizing other groups who voted for Obama as ‘informed and motivated by the issues.’ Many democratic insiders wrote columns in which they made the ridiculous case that Latinos and Whites were not as important as young and Black voters, and Democratic leader Donna Brazile noted “they can stay home” in November if they wish. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have overplayed their hand too far.

But African Americans were NOT spared from this lunacy either. They have been utilized…as a hook and line joke, all aimed to besmirch their reputations as uninformed racists who only support Obama because of his pigmentation. They have done this by slowly convincing said community that they were somehow being attacked by White Clintonistas (soon to be McCainiacs) who rabidly wanted to ‘take away’ the nomination (soon to presidency) from the Black Man. In response, they were easily duped into confirming what many Americans suspected; that this election was going to be a referendum on race and not on policy. In other words, the Media has brought out the worst in African Americans to the surface for all to see, and have thus also encouraged the worst in the rest of America in response to them. All of it, in the name of unity, change and hope.

Today, we find that the Media’s objective has been realized in the utter marginalization of the real base of the Democratic Party, which has been firmly shoved aside. In return, said base is being offered the scraps of condescension and blind loyalty.

After being spat upon by the countless sycophantic maniacs within the Barack Hussein Obama Campaign, they now want to visit and offer roses and candy…paying homage to the Abused Wife Syndrome…thinking that many who were the object of their hatred and scorn should now get on their knees and submit to their will.

But I suggest that this time everything will be quite different…

They now bluntly offer their victims a chance to accept their abusers back, all in the name of the Famile…What about the American Family? What about dignity? What about honor? What about integrity? These things have always been alien to them, so don’t expect a straight answer.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a horrendous candidate because of his skin color. Some might say he is in spite of it.

But race Was and Is a factor in this election. Obama has become one of the most corrupting influences in our political/public life, exactly because of his race-baiting and dishonesty. The Media and the Democratic Party have basically insulted hundreds of years of struggle for racial solidarity and equality, by purposefully choosing the least capable Black man that they could have found within their own ranks, and have vested him with a credibility he never earned.

And now the last of the Democratic Elites, the ones who had endorsed and supported Hillary Clinton all this time, are now ready to somehow pitch new arguments of why everyone should jump into Obama’s ship, even while it is slowly sinking, even if they all disagree with his capacity and decency as a candidate.

Does anyone else notice the stench of submission and servility fuming out of these individuals?

The anger of most Democrats who supported Clinton should be palpable today, and I submit that it will last until November. In stark contrast with Obama, McCain’s long record of service to our Country has never accumulated so many stains as Obama’s own after a few years in the public eye. Of course, we all know that McCain is not the most honest man in public life, no politician is! But in contrast with the Democrat’s now “presumptive” nominee, he is a saint.

And that is the true travesty of this election, in which a mainstream party and their corporate Media have decided to pick a candidate that represents the worst that this Nation has to offer…and we are all expected to follow the cheese until we get snapped.

This election is crucial, and it will deal with the heart and soul of this Nation. The error of following the party line behind an incompetent fool without any credentials has led us to eight years of George W. Bush. Today, a minority of the Democratic base, along with their elite puppet masters, have chosen their own Politically Correct version of Bush and want everyone to fall in line so that he get elected.

Ironically, I believe that it will indeed be the Democratic base, and independents, who will truly save this Country from the recent ignominious years of Presidential inexperience and arrogance. After all, it will be the newly formed coalition of Reagan (McCain?) Democrats who will thankfully negate the presidency to a man who truly represents 4 more years of foolishness and Bush-like egocentrics: Barack Hussein Obama.

Republicans did not listen to McCain’s pleas in the year 2000, when he told his supporters and his party that Bush’s rhetoric was complete nonsense and dangerously naive. But they Foolishly did listen to his suggestions after he was defeated by Bush and was forced to concede and endorse him.

Now, in an almost eerie similarity, many Democrats did not listen to Hillary Clinton when she warned them about Obama’s dangerous inexperience, and now they might be tempted to foolishly listen to her when she does her ‘walk of shame’ towards endorsing Obama. But history can not only change, It Has to Change.

Americans can not and will not follow the corrupting leadership of the Democrat’s Pied Piper. We are now at war, and I am not only referring to the one that we are engaging around the world against foreign enemies, but the one that we must all wage today to protect our homeland from those who wish to harm it from within.

This reality cannot be escaped by any of us, and we have a responsibility and duty to fight it until the end. Barack Obama can not win the Presidency of the United States, unless we wish our Nation harm. The line has been drawn in the sand, and we are definitely staring into the heart of darkness that the radical left wing of the Democratic Party has in store for all of those who do not conform.

They have already proven that their main objective is to bring a new era of anti-White racism, institutionalized sexism, self inflicted ignorance, reality-show messianic pretensions, and utter submission to corporate interests…in their success we will all find our doom…

This is Not about revenge, since most of us have no personal affinity towards Hillary Clinton, this is about Honor. This election was Never about one politician over another…Obama openly sells the glorification of empty change, false hopes, arrogance, and cultural elitism, and blatant inexperience — as if it were a virtue! John McCain openly sells honor, patriotism, dignity, respect, humility, service, strength, and sacrifice — in his case Literally…the right choice should be quite obvious.

In all of these issues the Democratic Party has failed its own members, and now it is time to teach the world a strong lesson about how true democracy works…Barack Hussein Obama, his corrupt Democratic lackeys, and their corporate Media stooges Can Not be allowed to take control of our elections…This November, we will save All of our citizens from making an even bigger mistake than the one made in the year 2000. This November, they will know the True meaning of strength and dignity.

©2008 J.Cifre, J.D., of SAVAGEPOLITICS.com. All Rights Reserved.




  1. Who writes this baloney?

    Clinton lost primaries, quit boohooing. It was a very close race, but Obama won. And he was the correct choice for democrats because he won the election.

    What would you rather have? Democrats split their vote between Obama and Clinton, and have a Republican in the office?

    This website is so fringe of the democrats views, but all over you purport that Obama is the radical dem. Projection much?

  2. Good site, admin.

  3. Hi webmaster!

  4. Hi webmaster!

  5. What a great history lesson. That was just weird?

  6. Will Rogers was more right than he could possibly know. Keep this childishness up and you risk handing the country back to the Republican machine for four more years. So which form of “elitism” do you prefer? Hilary lost. Get over it. Many great political figures of the past did too and eventually rose above it. Sabotaging this election for Obama will not get you where you want to go, and will do irreparable harm to the party and the nation in the process.

  7. Our country was born in revolution, because the colonists (rebels) could no longer abide by what England was trying to shove down their throats, hence the Boston Tea Party, taxation without representation. The “shot heard round the world”. Once they were in they were in it to win. Now the DNC wants to shove Obama down our throats, no wonder the people are rebelling at least they are acting like real Americans. No wonder Thomas Jefferson never never trust governments-they are merely institutions made by mere mortal men. I think he meant that have their own agendas to fulfill. What the heck why not go with the will of the people, which is Mrs. Clinton.

  8. Even though you are African-American, I too find some of your conclusions rather racist. Not suprising considering our tragic past. The pigmentation in your skin does not make you immune to racist thinking, in my humble opinion.
    All of Mr Obama’s black supporters have been “hood-winked” into backing him. Surely no thinking black person could vote for such an “empty suit.”

    I gather that you must be one of the few who “think.”
    The “least capable Black man?” The “Media” desired to marginalize the “real Democratic Party” by supporting Obama? This was decided ahead of time in some “smoky back-room by the Media and some lunatic fringe of the Party?”
    Please tell me this is just hyperbole.

    Didn’t the same “Media” anoint Mrs. Clinton when she seemed to be the heir-apparent?

    That was just a ploy, right? Just the old rope-a-dope.

    Didn’t Mrs. Clinton earlier agree that the votes in FLA and MICH would not count? Then she changed her mind after she fell behind.

    As a 57 year old Black man, I have never voted in an election involving citizens of different races where that issue was not one of the factors in the turnout and the eventual winner.
    I do agree that every voter has the right to pull the lever for the candidate of his/her choice however. That decision can be an informed one or an uniformed one. That’s the blessing/curse of democracy.
    Good luck to you and to Sen. McCain.

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