June 4, 2008,

A turgid, tedious, pompous manifesto of the Rebellion of defecting Democrats against the Party Elites:

Having been subjected to a series of institutionalized violations, the violated have the privilege, in the name of Self Preservation, and a sacred Duty, for the Future, to suspend the partisan ties that bind, which had long linked them a confederacy of scoundrels, and to disregard rote appeals for Unity, issued on terms not beneficial to those mishandled and thus intended to eliminate all Consequences of said abuse, thereby issuing also a carte blanche for continued humiliation.

Rather than capitulate to harmful and useless loyalties, we cleave yet to the spirit of just rebellion, that every missionary relationship, Coalition, and Institution so codified must not seek its own corporeal solvency, but must constantly uphold in earnest the welfare of its members and the values thereof; and when found in ongoing defiance of its mission, for short term gain and long term catastrophe, in ignorance of its Original principles, its denizens must rebel, exercising the painful imperative to save themselves from themselves, and to affirm their true worth, true value and Values.

We will not be dehumanized or dissuaded any longer. We are not resigned to continue playing second-fiddle in this wretched band, left with no option but to break from a Party establishment heretofore unapologetic and complicit in the accreditation and brokerage of disenfranchisement, voter fraud, vote suppression, bigotry and misogyny, and voter intimidation; similarly, moving to reject overtures soliciting unconditional acceptance of lack of experience, lack of consistency, lack of character, lack of integrity, lack of selflessness, lack of transparency, lack of ideas, and lack of sound judgment, and to demand consequences for these and other implicit violations of the national Democratic trust and tradition.

We submit as a consequence of the Democrats’ corrupted primaries and policies, and of its selfish, duplicitous nominee, that we cannot, will not, must not ever, in conscience of our commitment to justice and democracy now and forever, support a nominee for President of the United States of America under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee when that candidacy represents the desecration of the Party’s core virtues and values and thus threatens the long-term viability of our party and our nation.

We are not beholden to uphold individuals or identities, which change from season to season, but to protect and preserve the Idea, which yields neither to time nor to a man.

Centrist, moderate, muscular progressive Democrats and Independents, declared to defy the Democratic Party; to support in election only acceptable non-elite Democrats; and not to validate the extremes of the Left; and forced into expatriation, dictate that Strength, Security, Citizenship, Competency, and Responsibility must remain at the core of our creed; that our Party must esteem the common man, common woman, and their virtues; that Our success is judged not by the self-masturbatory appetites of the Elite but by the health and wellness and will of the Middle; that any prejudice demands our officials’ collective denunciation; that principles of democracy are more sacred than rules; that thus the Party is obliged to voters and not vice versa and must err on the side of democracy and enfranchisement and the mainstream values of working people in all places, and at all times.

In spurning our political brothers and sisters, we know what is coming. But we remain unbossed, unbowed, and unafraid to confront the bullying a just rebellion predictably unleashes. Wedges and fear disguised as harmony and loyalty will order us to submit, demanding that the old fractious and abusive relationship be honored, and consequently the molester escapes unscathed, all of history having proven that victors Unity intends only to mute the molested, briefly delaying Their misery, having been conditioned to a lie, that protest is hopeless and that it is preferable to accept the status quo.

We will be accused of shortsightedness, Selfishness, derangement, of cutting off the nose to spite the face, though by rights we are starving out a cancer, as our exodus intends not to sink the Democratic Party but to salvage it. Those falling in line excuse the cruel assault of the Elite and the bigoted; therefore, to vote forever for partisanship is to approve the deployment of sexism as a tactic to derail future candidates, to validate inexperience and lies, to ensure that extremists will dictate to real Democrats forevermore. If we, knowing better, fail to stand up Now and on, we guarantee our extinction and that of the Party proper, our sole legacy being surrender and the abandonment of common sense, common decency, and the common man.

We mean no ill, but move now for the greater good. We rebel without enmity, being motivated not by hatred, but by affection for what was and faith for what will be. We embark also with ebbing anger, with rising ease and resignation, having never been eager to divide ourselves from our Family, having tried first to understand while being willfully misunderstood, and having first begged for compromise while being crippled. We have urged for equity in application of rules and bylaws. We have begged for full representation. We have called for fairness in reporting and appealed for an end to double standards and misanthropy.

The entirety of our appeals having been thoroughly and consistently rejected, we could have chosen to validate with our votes underqualified, untrustworthy, inadequate candidates antithetical to our values, and to the America we know, signaling that we did not care enough to turn back a tyranny of corruption; But, no, we choose instead to hold to the reasoned decision to oppose any such candidate, the pundit class, the elite gliterrati, and our friends and family deluded, refusing to mortgage our Principles for a transient electoral compromise. The responsibility is ours, to quit is not an option. We wave no white flags, as Our Future is worth fighting for.


Be it so RESOLVED than we cannot, in good concord, call ourselves Democrats again until the Party leadership return to American common sense and values, nominating only Jackson-Clinton Democrats who are:

( 1 ) Committed to protecting US citizens, territory, and borders from war, terrorism, energy dependency, and hostile regimes, having the temperament to meet these known and other unknown threats and tests to our National Security, and having demonstrated both the ability to recognize diplomatic challenges and the toughness to confront them competently;

( 2 ) Patriots whose actions and chosen associations reflect a belief in the relative greatness, goodness, and generosity of America and its people, also prioritizing the happiness, well-being, and success of American soldiers and veterans;

( 3 ) Reflective of American Values, having demonstrated affinity for faith, family, self-reliance and personal responsibility, scholarship and heritage and thus showing the ability to win the respect of those vested in the working and middle classes and to build broad electoral and governing coalitions spanning class, cultures, and creed;

( 4 ) Committed in word and deed to Fiscal Responsibility, by the elimination of the national debt; by the creation and maintenance of sustainable budget surpluses; by rejecting borrow-and-spend neoconservatism; and by government accountability on reckless spending, inefficiency, waste and corruption;

( 5 ) Movement progressives committed to upholding and establishing justice and domestic tranquility, and to promoting the general welfare, by defending American citizens from all Environmental Security threats; to requiring Health Protection for all Americans, including policies promoting Disease Prevention, building healthful communities, and exacting wholesome live-work conditions and public infrastructure;

( 7 ) Sworn to protect and preserve the Exceptionalism and prosperity of the American Civilization, safeguarding workers, students, and families by exacting technological research and innovation, strategic regulation of commerce and trade, energy independence, and quality affordable education at all levels;

( 8 ) Intolerant of threats to our Civic Virtues of freedom, individualism, equity, and democracy, among them the bigotries of disenfranchisement, discrimination, misogyny, and racism.

Be it also RESOLVED that we will not call ourselves committed and active members of the Democratic Party until it enacts sweeping reforms – in and of its rules, bylaws, agenda, platform, processes, primaries, and conventions – that reflect of our common sense and values, and that we reject any thing and anyone unreflective as illegitimate;

Be it therefore RESOLVED that though we will vote for adequate down ballot Democrats and work for their election, we singularly and specifically reject the candidacy of unqualified, elitist, unethical, and inexperienced candidates, declining membership in his coalition, and are henceforth declared in rebellion of and expatriate from His Party;

Be it forcefully RESOLVED that we have oppose the candidates in question on grounds including but not limited to differences of ideology, principle, character, judgment, policy, and qualifications and not due to spite, anger, or revenge;

Be it RESOLVED that those of us so inclined will accept compromise candidates from other political parties, provided they are trustworthy, credentialed, centrist, competent Patriots with proven track records of bipartisanship; or pledging to support third party or write-in candidates of our choice;

Be it finally RESOLVED and most forcefully DECLARED that we have come to this crossroads of our own accords, minds, and discretions, and that no politican bears responsibility whatsoever for our or anyone’s decision to forgo the Democratic Party; moreover, no individual holds us hostage and cannot force decisions and choices upon us.

By DONE (Democrats Over Nominating Elitists), June 4 2008.



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  3. I thought this site was good until I realized you are all just supporters of the biggest elitist of them all “Hillary.” How can you believe your own manifesto and still support Hillary? It makes no sense at all.

    I suspect you are all just bitter that she lost and have found a way to denegrate the rest of your party. There is no bigger liar than Hillary except maybe her husband Billy. It is so sad to watch you all worship these people. They have been caught in so many lies, illegal acts,and of course adultery committed in “our” White House. If I got caught having sex in my office I would have been fired and lost my medical license.

    BTW I am a Republican and would never support Democrats like Hillary or Obama.
    Republicans complaining about elitism is like hippies complaining about loose morals. Hillary Clinton appeals to millions of working class Americans nationwide. She is well-respected by average people because she cares about their problems?

    Who does the Republican party still relate to? Your Clinton Derangement Syndrome is so 90s. Nobody cares about those tired of made-up scandals you’re talking about. Hillary a liar? Who in the Republican party besides John McCain is honest. Nobody trusts Republicans; that’s why your party is dying.

    Comments like yours remind me of why — even though currently estranged from the Democrats — I can never be a Republican. You people are meanspirited, hateful, and delusional. I’m glad you don’t like this site anymore; please go away and never return!

  4. Great idea! Elect another Bush for 8 more years.
    You and Obama missed the memo, but Bush isn’t running this year. If Obama wanted to run against Bush, he should have run four years ago.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. I am so glad that this has all come out the way it has. The Democratic party used to believe itself wrongly to be the party of love and light. We weren’t. We were the party of piss and vinegar masquerading as the party of love and light. There grew within our midst an arrogant quality that said that we were tolerant as long as everyone agreed with us. Everyone else were the intolerant ones. We know now what we didn’t know then. This is hardly true.

    Barack Obama won the primary fair and square based on the rules set up by Clinton’s campaign leaders. She had, at the very least, an equal shot at the nomination. She didn’t get it. She ran a horrible campaign. Perhaps she could have chosen more wise leaders to head her campaign. Perhaps a few more women could have been helpful.

    She has moved on. Bill and Hillary know the stakes of the election. They are supporting Obama.

    To the rest of you, our party is healthier and stronger for getting this out in the open. If we truly meant what we said before Hillary lost we must put our nation’s health and success above personality. If we don’t put our nation first we really don’t know what it means to be a Democrat in the first place.

    All of the talk of stolen elections and ill gotten gains now rings shrill and hollow. If our own primary nomination get’s stolen what does that say about our party’s fairness and previous allegations of unfairness in the past? If the Democratic party is about bitterness, shallowness, and identity politics I want nothing to do with it. If following this path is the price of unity I don’t want it either.

    Obama’s supporters might be the most authentic PUMA’s after all. I would hate to give up the values of what can make the Democratic Party great simply to please a vocal group that is hateful, full of spite, with an inability to see what is right and the unwillingness to admit when one has lost. I agree with you PUMAs who would cut off your nose to spite your face. I want nothing to do with you. There is a Republican party of bitter and spite that will accept you with open arms. They are for party unity regardless of principle and fairness. They are the party that will give you a female candidate and then muzzle her.
    No one is talking about stolen elections and ill gotten gains. Everyone, but you, is talking about Obama’s lack of judgment and character. Amazing how you can write a whole long diatribe and not even consider that perhaps the responsibility lies with Obama, and his bad decisions, and his terrible choice of friends and associates.

    You just don’t get it that we think Obama is inexperienced, dishonest, and in lack of judgment and character. But that’s okay. Go on thinking it’s about ‘spite’ and ‘bitterness’ and other such nonsense. Whatever the problems with us as people…Obama is STILL unqualified for the Presidency. Nothing you can do will change that, so your personal attacks on us don’t matter one bit.

    As as for muzzling Palin, grow up. She’s out there busting Obama’s balls everyday, hitting him where it hurts. That’s something the Democratic party never allowed Hillary to do. Talk about muzzled! They muzzled her, AND they trashed and threw her away. So despite your lame attempt at revisionist history, it looks like that awful Republican party has done our party two better.

    You’re happy without us. We’re thrilled to be away from you. So please, go away!


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