DONE now serves as an article chronicling the PUMA movement, that helped revive Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career after the 2008 primaries, propelling her to the Presidency in 2016. While DONE opposed Obama’s candidacy in 2008, we recognize that he has evolved into a decent if imperfect President — a far better option that the Republican Party, which has devolved in a neo-Confederate alliance of virulent homophobes, xeonphobes, bigots, racists, naive libertarians, and greedy Ayn Rand-loving objectivists.


DONE (Democrats Over Nominating Elitists) is a blogging project, conceived in the spirit of Bill Bradley’s A Party Inverted, that urges the Democratic Party to organize itself around patriotism rather than partisanship and lasting principles rather than fleeting personalities. We unequivocally assert that the Democratic Party — in policies, campaigns, and candidates — must always reflect the virtues and values of common, working Americans.

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  1. Democrats who are pissed off about the gaming of the system in the primary are valid. Joining the tea party crowd funded by that GOP operative “Freedom Works” is NOT.

    All they are trying to do is co opt voters into becoming GOP cheer leaders. It’s a ruse. NONE of their platforms in the “tea party” are liberal.

    I protested the caucus frauds, the RBC shenanigans and the misogyny fest I witnessed and will continue to do so, I will NOT however get involved with far right wingers who are never going to stand up for my principles. I do NOT want the first woman POTUS to be such a right winger and that is one of their goals.

    I was already date raped by the democrats and don’t intend to court another abuser by going over the tea partying GOP. Get real.

  2. Just wondering why all the Dem blogs are so quiet?

    Come on folks – we can’t be giving up? Regroup – we can beat this incompetant jerk. He is starting to put his forces together to overwelm the tea party groups – we can not let that happenb. We must join up with the tea party people and out maneuver the ACORN nuts.

    Pass the word to all the other Dem blogs – we must unite – by 9/12 we need an army of folks marching together to DC United against this farce of a mistake of Nov. 08 !

    Urgent- DO NOT ALLOW this to happen again!

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